Portfolio Work

MoneyGram - MyWay US National Campaign

Creative Director Alejandro Berea was the creator of this concept. For a year we traveled different locations where MoneyGram had operations and we captured the real stories of people using the service. The campaign is comprised of 8 pieces.

Amigo Card US National Campaign

Amigo Card is a new service card aimed at the audience the normal banks normally neglect. Alejandro Berea from Design Success created a concept where we see a wide array of personalities that can benefit from this offer.

Generalitat Valenciana - Health department Commercial

Creative Director Ferrán Salas wanted a simple creativity to have an epic feel to it.
The idea was to celebrate and show the appreciation to the heroes that save lives every day working in the paramedic department of the City of Valencia.

The actual premises of Valencia’s biggest hospital were a perfect location for this piece.

Hyundai 1st Anniversary in Mexico Campaign

FCB Creative Director Gabriel Ramos wanted to make a piece where we could use the actual sounds from the car so we could “play” Hyundai cars as musical instruments.

Together with talented composer Antonio Flores we did a free version of the mexican Happy Birthday “Las Mañanitas”

The video became quickly viral with over 2,000,000 views in only a couple of weeks

Harmon Hall - Campaña enero 2018

Creative Director Miguel Suárez from CMV and Harmon Hall wanted a very light and colorful piece, where learning english would be seen as something fun and not frightening.

Using simple yet effective word gags in Spanish the campaign was a big success, aired nationally both in cable and open TV.

MoneyGram South East Asia Campaign 2016

D:S Creative Director Alex Berea wanted to make a very real and authentic piece where you could see the stories of people who use MoneyGram.

We were researching among many real-life cases and found some that were truly amazing. This is the result.

Jonnie Walker - The Dreamer in Motion

Our first collaboration with our great friends from FCB Mexico. Together with Creative director Gabriel Ramos, We did a series of pieces for Diageo Brands. Everything was shot in first person all around Mexico City.

The idea was to portrait the different types of consumers that are associated to their main brands and also to bring them closer to their products using Social Media as a way to engage them.

Bacardi - True Originals

Bacardi was ready to make a version of their famous Internet viral campaign “True Originals” for the mexican market.

Mexican celebrity Gerardo Taracena, who had a lead roll in Mel Gibson’s Appocalypto, was the perfect match for this character.

Idyle - Guerlain

Idylle Guerlain Was a very exciting piece shot in Kiev Ukraine featuring the talented model Iryna Fedchenko.

The settings were astounding and the visual impact with te beauty of the model and the harshness of the surroundings is unbeatable.